Security cameras have become an important system to install in your house. With the advancement of technology, new security systems are easily available, which do not cost an arm and leg. In today’s market, you can buy outdoor and indoor security cameras and install them yourself. But before you install it, you need to understand where to put them.


Here is a complete guide to help you identify the places where you must install the security cameras:


This is a place where you must place a security system. You can keep an eye on everyone who enters and leaves your house. Whether it is a delivery guy, babysitter, your family, or maintenance guy, you can keep a tab on everyone. Intruders also try to sneak in through the front door. You can always check who’s at your door before opening it.


People do not install security cameras on back doors. But the back or side doors allow visitors to enter without you noticing. An intruder can easily open the lock and enter. Therefore, it is better to put cameras on your back and side doors as well to see who is entering or leaving your home.


If you have a yard, you should install a security camera there. This helps you to stay alert if someone tries to enter your house. And if you have kids playing in the yard, you can keep an eye on them as well.


If you have an attached garage, then this is another entryway to your home. Having a security camera installed in your garage can help keep an eye on the tools, equipment, car, bike, and see who uses them.


Installing a security camera inside your house helps you to keep an eye on your family. You can also see if your cleaner is working properly or is the babysitter looking after the kids. If you have rooms with large windows that can act as an entryway for an intruder, it is better to place a security camera in that room as well.


Placing a security camera in your hallway will make it impossible for anyone to move undetected. If someone tries to break in through a bathroom window, they will be captured on the security camera placed in the hallway.

If you are having trouble understanding where to place the security cameras and how to install it, it is better to seek the help of a professional. Today, you can find security cameras that are easy to install and can be connected to the Wi-Fi. Not only this but if you are at your office, you can easily see what is happening at your home with the help of the security system. If there is some movement, it will send you an email and alert you.

So, before you install a security camera, remember to plan, and if you are having trouble installing it, seek professional help.

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Rechargeable Batteries- Same Power But Less Waste

The next new advancement in the world of technology is the rechargeable battery. A chargeable battery provides power similar to any of the normal old battery, but with less waste. Rechargeable batteries can last up to a hundred cycles of recharges.

They are designed in a way so that their charge can be maintained while easily recharging at home. In comparison to disposable batteries that use 1.5 volts of battery, rechargeable batteries makes use of 1.2 volt of energy throughout their entire lifecycle. Rechargeable batteries gives off optimum performance and that too using less energy. These batteries can help produces less waste, save money and reduce environmental impact. Following is the description of some of the best rechargeable batteries for your toys and devices.

Panasonic Eneloop AA/AAA Batteries

A set of Panasonic Eneloop AA/AAA Batteries has the ability to recharge up to 21000 times. They’re 2000mAh type, that is, the typical total energy content a battery can store at a time. Panasonic Eneloop AA/AAA Batteries are ready to use batteries after buying, since they’re precharged using solar power at the factory.

Even after ten years no use and in storage only, these batteries can maintain almost 70 percent of their charging. Either fully or partially charged, Panasonic Eneloop AA/AAA Batteries can be recharged without any effect on the memory. They come with a choice of AA or AAA battery with optional charger, but both options claim to have a fast charging speed. These batteries are perfect to use for everyday products like wireless gaming devices, flashlights, digital camera flash units.

 Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries

Made with 4 percent of recycled batteries, Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries are precharged and ready to use at their arrival at your front door step. These batteries can be charged for more than 100 times, with 2000mAh. The charge of these batteries can stay up to a year in storage.

Moreover, once fully charged, Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries can last up to 5.5 hours for toys and 8 hours for other handheld gaming devices such as Switch or Wii Controller. And so, under the typical pattern of usage, Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries has battery life that can last up to 5 years.

 Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries have a high capacity of 24000mAh. These batteries can charge several times, and that too without any power loss. After being stored for 3 years, Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries can keep up the 63 percent of the original charge.

A pack of 4 AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries is precharged through solar power and is ready to use as soon as they’re out of the box. Even in cold weather conditions, these batteries can still keep up a good performance, providing you the exact extra power that you need for your device. Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries are ideal to use during winter activities as they can sustain high power at low temperature. Thanks to IT Support Austin TX for this awesome article! 

Sony’s A6400 E-Mount Camera

The Sony Company never fails to amaze its consumers with impressive abilities and features of the products it manufactures. And so, the brand new A6400 E-Mount Camera is now in market. Sony A6400 is the follow up of the three year old A6300, the latest camera is an upgrade in many ways.

  • APS-C Mirror Less Camera

Perfect for capturing shoots whether movies or still, the versatile and compact A6400 is an APS-C mirror less camera. The latest image processing engine in the Sony A6400 Camera captures beautiful, clear and crispy images with natural colors even in low light settings. This new Sony invention is suitable for both photographers and vloggers.

  • Real Time Eye AF

The Real-time Eye AF features focus on the eye of the subjects of the photo using AI making the camera reliable for good image quality.

  • Autofocus

The Autofocus feature of the camera works even in dark settings and dim lighting.The accurate Autofocus feature captures moments in detail. The latest upgraded A6400 Sony Camera claims to have a remarkable 0.02 second focus attainment.

  • Fast Hybrid AF

The Fast Hybrid AF feature brings accuracy, high speed and tracking performance to movie making experience. Therefore, most of the new Sony A6400 Camera moves about the hybrid autofocus system with more focus points.

  • Touch Tracking

The Touch Tracking feature of the camera initiates tracking of a moving subject by touching the LCD screen.

  • APS-C Exmor Cmos Censor

The Alpha A6400 Sony camera features 24.2 megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS censorwhich provides a wide sensitivity range. The camera delivers high resolution pictures with clear images and texture reproduction.

  • 4K Movie Recording

The Sony new camera has a special feature of 4K movie recording at 11fpswith full pixel readout for a creative movie production. The camera can capture silent continuous shots with no shutter voice at up to 8 fps. Continuous shooting with an interval of 1 to 60 seconds pause between still shots is now available within the camera. Which means it can be further used to create time lapse movieson a computer using Viewer application from the Imaging Edge.

  • 180 Degree Table Lcd Screen

The 3.0 type 180 degree tilt able LCD screen that can go 74 degrees down makes framing of self-portraits and vlogs easy.

Other features that the new Sony Alpha A6400 E-Mount camera offers include Manual Focus for improved peaking function, Slow and Quick Motion captures, Microphone jack for inserting external microphone for professional level audio, compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

In conclusion, the latest Sony Alpha A6400 E-Mount Camera is precise and quick tool for multimedia capture. The shooting and capturing experience are guaranteed to be maximized with this camera.  With a solid image quality and boosted with many new features, the Sony Alpha A6400 is a well-equipped camera to capture every stunning moment in detail.


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